Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Welcome to Charlestown Cannon Bollard....

A Cannon bollard

Welcome to Charlestown harbour and a super cannon bollard just by the quayside. The harbour dates back to the 18th century and supported a once thriving fishing and china clay industry. The harbour is presently owned by Square Sail who don't just manage the harbour but are involved in the TV/Film industry.

Take a look at the bollard (cannon) above notice the flared end (muzzle), look at the circular area on the top which has been filled in. Now take a look at the cannon below and look along the barrel towards the muzzle and you should notice that the end flares outwards just like the bollard (cannon) buried in the quayside.

Charlestown is a grade II listed harbour and the local village all form part of a World Heritage site, if you do happen to visit whilst on your travels/holiday please do take time to visit the Shipwreck and Heritage Centre it's where I found this super cannon outside the front entrance.

A Cannon

Bollards of London (Charlestown)...

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