Thursday, 14 April 2016

Trinidad Cuba Cannon Bollard...

Cannon Bollard Trinidad Cuba...
What is the can on the left ?

It certainly didn't take long before I needed to reintroduced #guestbollards to the blog and what a cracker of a cannon bollard I have for you via @ParzivalCharge on the twitter.

This is a super looking up ended cannon bollard which can be found in the town centre of Trinidad, Cuba. Its location is near the Palacio Brunet and Convent of San Francisco (top picture).

If we look at the close up (above) we can clearly see that this cannon bollard is ornate,also leaning. Look at the pattern on the top of the flared end complete with its near circular ball finish. The body of the cannon bollard tapers slightly towards the barrel/body and again we can see a number or ornate ridges along its barrel/body. I do love the beautiful cobblestones and am wondering what is the can of drink by the base ? It also looks like the bollard is defining a corner and protecting a paved area for pedestrians.

A huge thank you once again to @ParzivalCharge on the twitter for a superb #guestbollard in sunny Cuba.

Bollards of London...

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