Sunday, 17 November 2013

Concrete Bollard (Coo)...

Concrete bollards...

Welcome to Northington Street WC1 junction of John's Mews where I happened to come across a row of concrete bollards marking a border/parking area of a property clearly under redevelopment.

Unlike walls bollards create a border that we generally respect/acknowledge but sometimes ignore. The concrete bollard is seen often in London and the three in the photograph (above/below) are looking worn/weathered with one even cracked at its base.

If we take a closer look at the photograph (below) we not only see the cracked base of one of the concrete bollards but you'll notice the pigeons have a bit of a party/gathering (a coo for bollards). In the background (above) you might also have noticed the black/white painted bollard just to the right of the yellow foam covered scaffolding poles, Its a 'Holborn 1937' bollard.

A closer look...

The #guestbollard feature is popular and may I thank two people on the twitter, firstly @horsleystation who  nudged me about a tweet/photograph by @rustyrockets of a concrete bollard complete with 'hoodie' (below).

Well I immediately asked @rustyrockets if I could use image/photograph on the blog/site and can I say to my surprise (was not expecting reply Russell Brand is a busy man) he said he would be honoured. So from the bottom of my heart may I thank followers on twitter/google +, all of you who view/follow the blog/site and of course Russell Brand for a rather cool concrete-hoodie-bollard with a rather beautiful looking dog in the foreground.

'Still a bollard'...

Bollards of London...


  1. Bollards that short seem to cause dents in doors often as they are not readily visible to a driver backing out of a parking spot.

  2. Love love love that Russell Brand is involved in this post :)

    1. It was funny when he replied on the twitter to my request, made my year to be honest.

      Thank you for kind comment Donna...