Friday, 27 September 2013

Thames Path...

No Access...

Bollards are back with a 'City of London 1999' vintage complete with a 'No Access to Thames Path' just off Upper Thames Street in the City of London close to the banks of the river Thames.

I had taken a short break from blogging about bollards recently but can assure you all I'm back and getting fitter by the day 'Get Fit Not Fat' my new mantra. I dropped my taxi-cab off to its garage off Cable Street and while walking/marching/jogging back the six miles to Pimlico I came across the bollard (above) and then noticed these wonderful empty plinths/columns (below) protruding from the river Thames at Blackfriars. 

The plinths/columns reminded me of 'Poseidon' (God of the seas/protector of the waters).

Like 'Poseidon' god of the seas...

Bollards of London (is back)...

PS with a new look coming soon thanks to the wonderful work of the @PeepingTallulah on the twitter.

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  1. I have never seen those pillars! Beautiful photo.
    Good luck with your "Get fit not fat".
    Have a good weekend!