Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Par Beach, Cornwall...

Par beach bollards...

I had to pop back home to mind my wire hair fox terrier 'Rob' the rescue recently and the other day we popped over to Par beach Cornwall (dog friendly) and look what I found in the car park !

Yes these rather wonderful short wooden cylindrical bollards complete with cutaway band and a lovely 45 degree edge to the top of the previous flat top. Wooden bollards do not weather that well and if you take a look at the bollard (above) you'll notice it is already splitting down the side, sometimes metal or concrete do a better job for longer with little or no maintenance.

Close to the Pay and Display machine...

Bollards of London (and Cornwall)...

PS please note this blog incorporates 'Bollards of Britain'...


  1. I dunno, you suave up-country types coming down here commenting on social policy!

    The wooden bollards are provided for beach fires when the supply of beach timber runs out. It's a social service. Possibly the only one we have left.

  2. In my opinion, these bollards are wooden because they are located on a place where the danger of being knocked down by a car is very little. Besides obstructing vehicle passage, I think bollards are used for safety reasons. Is it just me that has seen a car hit in a bollard? So bad I couldn't take a photo and send it to you.

    This blog's idea is wonderful, keep it up, John!

    Best regards,
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