Sunday, 7 April 2013

Talking Bollards...

City of London Bollards...

Welcome to the City of London again and this rather beautiful row of bollards complete with guard rail and a rather special no pedestrians sign bollard in the distance.

I like this particular photograph because of the the lines, perspective and distant focal point that all the lines appear to be heading towards.

However the purpose of this post is to thank you all for your hits, tweets, encouragement and of course #guestbollards.

Bollards made the news firstly this week with an interview I did with @daveoncue on the twitter from the  rather gorgeous website I drove about the capital and talked 'bollards'. Please do click on the link radio 4th of April 2013 if you would like to hear a London taxi-cab actually talking 'bollards' !

Like everything in life you get a break a chance to talk about a project you are working on and hey presto bbc news 24 picked up on a story about the British Library archiving blogs/tweets and which blog flashed up on the TV screen but 'Bollards of London' (thank you whoever chose blog at the bbc) this then created interest from other media and the Metro UK featured 'Bollards' in an online article, again please click on the following link 'Metro UK bollards' .

Once again a huge thank you to you all,

Bollards of London...

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