Friday, 4 January 2013

West to East London...

Splendid patterns top/bottom...

Welcome to Addison Bridge Place just opposite Olympia at the beginning of the Hammersmith Road in west London where I found some rather impressive/ornate bollards.

Let us take a closer look at the bollard (above), we can see it has an octagonal base which rises vertically until it reaches a height where the body slopes/curves and tapers inwards (note ornate pattern). We then have a white painted octagonal body/column rising vertically until we reach a lip/ridge with an enlarged ornate/patterned area finished off nicely with a near egg shaped top.

Opposite (below) I found a pair of bollards very similar (if not the same) to the two I found outside the entrance of the  London Landmark Hotel opposite Marylebone Station on Melcombe Place W1.

Two tapering Nipple top/Pith hat bollards...

Look at the base/same has the bollard (top) above...
Right at the end of the public highway/road on Addison Bridge Place there happens to a single pay & display bay and what did I find hiding in the bushes (left) but a bollard very similar to the one I found at the top of this post but with a different or maybe just a more exposed base ?

Whilst driving a taxi-cab around the capital you can end up literally anywhere  maybe asked to take part in filming or even a photo shoot. Well via the world of Twitter and the most helpful person by the twitter name of @AboutLondon I got to follow the work of @deadlyknitshade and finally met her with @TheFastener at the junction of Goldsmith's Row/Hackney Road in December for a short project involving a London taxi-cab.

I couldn't believe it when they turned up on this very cold morning in December, well just look at 'Squid' on the Telephone box and some of his friends appearing on the railings. Wouldn't Sir Giles Gilbert Scott be proud.

Now a knitted 'Squid' is not a #guestbollard but it just so happens that around the corner we found a row of bollards blocking what was once a thoroughfare for motor vehicles.

Keep an eye out for 'Squid-cab' coming to a post on here very, very soon.

@deadlyknitshade and @TheFastener 

Bollards (and Squid) of London...


  1. Before I came across your blog, bollards didn't really matter to me. But after reading this, suddenly I saw bollards everywhere! It's funny how I didn't notice them before. So I created a little game of my own to count every bollard I see, starting from the one I saw near paddington station london earlier today. It's really exciting!

  2. I've noticed those too and come to think of it I really didn't give it much attention. What I'm interested in are those red telephone booth in London, they fascinate me. It's the first thing I looked for when I stepped out of my hotel during my first day in the city.